Updated: 25th February 2018

You’ll Melt Into A Dog-Loving Puddle When You See Where This Pup’s Sitting

Readers, meet Chuck.

Chuck is a gift to the universe.

But you don’t need me to tell you that.

This adorable nugget of a German shepherd loves spending his days hanging out with his best buddies at Funny Farm Rescue, which is a sanctuary in New Jersey that’s dedicated to helping out all kinds of critters in need, from horses to pups and everything in between.

When you watch Chuck roam around the farm, he looks like any other dog just livin’ the dream. Some of his friends are big.

And some of them are small. Obviously, they’re all adorable.

Other than being too cute for this entire planet, Chuck’s a pretty normal guy.

But take a look at those first two photos again. Notice anything odd? That’s because Chuck has something called megaesophagus, which basically means that his esophagus is too big for his body. Because of that, he can’t eat on all fours like most pups.

That’s why his favorite humans got him this chair. Watch the clever canine in action in the video below!

Is anyone else melting from the preciousness? Because this is me…

To keep up with Chuck’s adventures and learn more about the organization that gave him a new lease on life, be sure to visit Funny Farm Rescue on Facebook!

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