Updated: 19th February 2018

Woman Figures Out Whos Been Secretly Playing With Her Dog For Months

For some of us, it’s just impossible to see a cute dog in public andnot cuddle it. For the adult part of that group of people, we would probably refrain from trespassing onto someone else’s property to do so, but the kids just don’t know better.

Or they do and don’t care – doggy cuddles are really valuable, okay.

Hollie Breaux Mallet from Louisiana is one of those lucky people who actually permanently hasa four legged friend, but when watching back her CCTV footage she realised she wasn’t the only one showering her pup with love.

She realised that a complete stranger was quite regularly hopping off his bike, running into her garage to pet her dog Duchess before running off again.

Mallet then shared the video to Facebook in the hope of being able to find the boy and tell him to feel free to shower her dog in love whenever he wants. The one thing we all want to hear, right?

Within 24 hours, the power of Facebook took over and the boy’s mother was found. She commented on the post, saying:

“Josh talks about your dog all the time! Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn’t know he was doing things like this.

Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much.”


And it gets even more heart wrenching, as the boy’s mother admitted that the reason he was so keen to get some doggy attention was because their own beloved dog had passed away.

But of course Josh and Duchess are now a real force to be reckoned with.

Too cute!

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