Updated: 17th March 2018

When This Dog Saw The Cat Was In The Hall He Was Walking Through…He Did THIS

Redd is just like any other adorable pit bull. He’s kind, playful, and loves his foster parents.

There’s just one thing that sets him apart from the pack…

He is terrified of his cat sibling.

You see, Redd is living in a foster home while he waits to be adopted from Pound Hounds Res-Q. But every time he encounters his fluffy sibling, he freezes and does this, hoping to not disturb the feline.

“Can’t. Wake. Cat.”

“He didn’t hear…did he??”

Poor Redd. I hope he and the cat become friends sooner or later…

Then again, watching a 70-pound dog tiptoe down a hallway is pretty priceless, so I’m torn!

(via BarkPost)

If you’re interested in adopting Redd, go here.

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