Updated: 17th February 2018

When It Came Time To Take Adoption Photos, This Dog Could Not Even

Raise your hand if thinking about school pictures still gives you nightmares to this day.

I will never forgive my parents and teachers for making me endure such tacky hardship.

And if you were a fellow nerd, you feel my pain. I’ve since stopped looking like a swamp thing, but my dad does still keep a school photo of me on his office desk, which I view as an act of war. Anyway, there’s one adorable dog that has a similar relationship with photo shoots.

This nugget, who was recently put up for adoption at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC), needed some photos for his profile. Volunteers took him outside to get a few epic shots and hilarity quickly ensued.

When the photographer asked him to smile, I’m pretty sure this was not the end goal.


He had to at least try licking his own eye. It could not have been avoided.

Man, this brings back (what I thought were repressed) memories.

Although everyone was pretty concerned about the fact that those were the best shots they could get, the little guy was adopted! Success.

But fear not, my friends. He’s still almost too weird to function.

To learn more about the rest of the critters up for adoption at SFACC, be sure to check out their website! If you need me, I’ll be practicing my smize.

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