Updated: 22nd February 2018

Watch The Moment This Veteran Learns Hes Getting His Dogs Back After A Long Hospital Stay

When a veteran had to give up his dogs due to a heart attack which led to a prolonged hospital stay, he naturally was devastated.

Imagine having a heart attack and then having your heart broken all over. Weeks had passed and the First State Animal Center and SPCA could not keep taking care of his dogs and had to put them up for adoption, as it didnt seem as the man was going to make it at the time.

The man did make it. He was released and he went to the shelter. The dogs were ecstatic. The adoption counselor on hand had this to say:

“The dogs couldn’t contain their excitement. They greeted him with massive kisses and wagging tails.

But kisses and tail wagging werent enough to cover the $250 adoption fees that were required to get his dogs back. The man left, determined to return with the money.

“This man was willing to sell his car to get the money,” said the counselor.

A staff member that night had an idea: lets pay this guys adoption fees and have him be reunited with his beloved pooches! A volunteer stepped forward and paid the fees while others purchased food, toys and supplies for the dogs. The man did return. He needed to tell the staff that he was going to need some more time to get the full amount together. Then he was told what had already been done. His reaction is amazing and incredibly heartfelt. Check it out:

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