Updated: 25th April 2018

Vet Preps This Paralyzed Dog For Euthanasia. Then He Notices THIS Behind His Ear

If you are a dog owner, you know the hassle of fleas and ticks, not to mention heartworms. Prevention of these menaces can be expensive, yet they are very necessary to keep your doggy healthy.

Dogs are at risk especially when they go in the woods or on vacation camping trips. Such was the case with Ollie who went camping with his owners in Oregon.

When they arrived home after their trip, 10-year-old Ollie seemed a bit off. He was moving slow and was tired. Tests were ran at the vets, but nothing came back as abnormal.

Then Ollie became totally paralyzed.

The hard decision to put the dog down had to made at this point.

An intern, Neena Golden, along with Dr. Adam Stone were going to do the procedure at the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Neena happened to scratch Ollie behind his ear, and then felt something odd.

It was a lump, which turned out to be a tick. Dr. Stone became quickly interested. He told the family that he had heard of tick paralysis before and perhaps that could be what was at play here.

Turns out that when a ticks saliva stays in a dogs body for a long time, neurological problems can form. But it is really rare. Nevertheless, Ollies symptoms seemed to indeed match the condition. The treatment, and the cure, would be to simply remove the tick, and wait. They did just that, shaving all of the dogs fur off to ensure there was only the one tick.

Then was the wait. A few days the doc said. But in only 10 hours, Ollie was back up and at em! Congratulations to the family and to Ollie for his quick and very fortunate recovery!

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