Updated: 17th March 2018

Two Dogs Interrupt A Soccer Game

The world’s most popular sport is apparently popular with other species, as well. Who knew? When these two dogs run out on the field in the middle of a game, you might be surprised by the reactions of some of the players. After all, they’re out there to win, right? So what’s the deal with them stopping and petting these adorable, cuddly, furry – oh, wait, we get it.

Of course you’re going to love seeing these two goofy dogs, happy as can be to be running amok on a big grassy field, in the rain, playing tug of war with a plastic bag. The dogs love the attention, too, jumping right up to get more.

It wasn’t that big a deal either, for the two teams. This was an exhibition match between the Turkish team, Galatasaray S.K., and the German team, VfR Aalen. No stakes, no problem, right? Well, the doggies got carted off the field in a hurry, at any rate and the match went back to normal, with a slow, careful match, due to the weather. If anyone’s keeping track, Aalen won, with one point to Galatasaray’s zero.

This of course is not the only time an animal has interrupted a sporting match, or even the only time a dog has interrupted a soccer match, but it’s definitely one of the absolute cutest. Golden retrievers just love activity like that and the smile on their faces and the body language as they cavort around the pitch lets you know just how happy they are.

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