Updated: 18th March 2018

Tiny Dog Bound With An Electric Tape Was Hours From Death When THIS Happened

Its sickening to see animals abused and mentally frustrating to figure out how anyone could do such a thing. Case in point is this poor guy who was found with electrical tape wrapped around his mouth. What human scumbag does such a thing? Thankfully there are good people out there who came to the aid of this dog, just in the nick of time.

He was found right behind a shopping center in Canada. Not only was there electrical tape wrapped around his muzzle, it was also wrapped around his legs! He could hardly move around. Thankfully one man who was walking his dogs, found the dog lying in grass. He was shocked at what he saw once he took a closer look.

He called the local Humane Society and the dog was declared to be in extremely painful form, as his paws and mouth were badly swollen. Naturally, he had major problems breathing. He was rushed to the animal hospital for emergency vet care.

Hes probably 7-years-old and had other conditions which included mouth and teeth issues, a cropped tail, and heart worms.

Indeed a man who was believed to be responsible for this sickening crime, was arrested. Turns out he wasnt even the dogs owner. Thankfully they caught the scumbag and hopefully he will get the maximum punishment possible.

They named the dog Justice and he is coming along well, but the damage inside his mouth to the tissues, needs to have a lot of medical attention and treatment is ongoing.

Hopefully he will be fully healed soon, and then be adopted out to a forever home which will make up for all the abuse and lack of love this poor dog has suffered through in the past.

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