Updated: 18th March 2018

This Dogs Family Just Dumped Him At A Shelter. The Reason Why Is Absolutely Infuriating.

Los Angeles animal shelters are overwhelmed with stray cats and dogs. Its truly a mess and the facilities are often crazy and chaotic places where barking dogs are a constant and the sad situation of what happens to many of these dogs lingers in the air.

Sometimes you have one dog though, that is completely silent.

Such is the case with Oso. And 8-year-old chow mix, Oso was dumped off at the Downey shelter right before the Fourth of July weekend.

Sal Valdepea is a local volunteer working at the shelter and guesses that the owners dumped Oso at the shelter due to his alopecia and pyoderma. These are skin conditions that the owners likely just didnt want to bother with having to try and get treated.

The thing is, both conditions are indeed treatable and you can get financial assistance if you can’t afford the treatment costs.

Its sad to think some owners resort to immediately discarding the animal as a solution to a treatable problem.

They put the animal through a serious emotional roller coaster as well. Oso was clearly a heartbroken pooch.

Sal stated how confused the dog was and how he was just staring at the wall and trembling.

Dogs definitely feel the emotional pain of suddenly being dumped into a strange environment for prolonged periods of time.

It makes it worse when a dog like Oso is put into a busy shelter like this one. Space is very minimal, as is time. You end up getting on the kill list quicker when the shelter becomes so crowded. Sal has pushed back having Oso be on this list, but the clock is ticking.

Please call the Downey Animal Care Center at 562- 940-6898 to find out more about Oso.

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