Updated: 18th March 2018

This Dog Was Cruelly Buried Alive And What Happened Next? OMG!

Dogs do have a strong will to survive. Despite the odds, they can muster unbelievable strength and pull it together to survive, even when physical disability is present.

They will go to incredible lengths to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Case in point is Lily from South Africa. She beat the odds big time.

Partially paralyzed, she still manages to get around.

She took to the streets to search for food. She went near a school during her search.

Dogs often bark at a variety of things. When you hear a dog barking, you dont think much of it.

Lily was barking, but this time it got on the nerves of the principal at the school. Then the unthinkable happened. Two janitors were ordered to actually get rid of the barking dog. They were told to bury the dog. Alive!


Meanwhile the kitchen staff observed in absolute horror at what was going on. The dog cried for help and finally someone called Mdzananda Animal Clinic, hoping something could be done.

Indeed they came out to the scene immediately and desperately tried to get the dog out.

Time was of the essence. The dog was already in the ground for 20 minutes.

They dug her out in time! At the clinic the dog underwent therapies such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and other treatments. They wanted to help her get her movement back in her rear legs.

Earlier in her life she had a fractured spine which was the cause of the partial paralysis.

She had since put on weight and muscle, looking much healthier and happier compared to when she was discovered.

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