Updated: 19th February 2018

They Told Their Dog To Pick Out A Friend From The Shelter. What They Come Home With Is So Cute

Its rare to see dogs and cats getting along, but even more rare when two of them get along this amazingly well. We are talking true best friends as Raven the dog and Woodhouse the cat are pretty much inseparable. And how they got this way is even more bizarre.

It turns out that they had taken Raven to the shelter and wanted him to pick out a new animal to be his playmate. They figured why not bring him along and see who he naturally befriends. What happened next was totally unexpected by Ravens owners.

Raven took one look at Woodhouse, and immediately started taking a strong liking to the cat.

So, Woodhouse it was! The owners proceeded to adopt the cat!

Immediately the two couldnt be separated. Woodhouse even appeared knowledgeable that it was Raven who get him out of the shelter.

Totally cute!


While they enjoy playing together, its naptime that is their favorite time to spend with one another.

True animal best friends who fell in love with one another right away!

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