Updated: 22nd February 2018

They Look Like 2 Ordinary Dogs, But When They Stand Up UNBELIEVABLE!

Dogs are ideal for growing families. Having a dog as a child is a special experience. Everyone remembers their first dog. There is the big decision on picking out the right kind of dog based on your own personalities and preferences. But sometimes a stray or a rescue ends up in your lap and they turn out to be the perfect fit for the family.

The Fisher family from Long Beach, California has a high energy household. Three wild kids that the parents thought could use a furry friend. He even thought of getting a horse as it seemed a good fit for the high energy family. But they settled on dogs instead. After some research, they found what they thought would be the perfect fit for them and especially for their children. They wound up going with adopting a pair of Newfoundlands. Now the Newfoundland’s size is pretty impressive if youve never seen one before. A matter of fact, these guys can grow a whopping six feet long! In other words they are as tall or taller than some adults! Ralphie and Boss became part of the family and they ended up getting along wonderfully with the boys.

The parents were super pleased with their pick and to show how well the family is enjoying their two new members of the household, they took to social media. Here we have the little boys and the huge dogs, bonding in a very special way, as youll see!

The Fishers have three boys and two giant Newfoundlands named Ralphie and Boss.

They can grow to six feet in length and weigh a whopping 300 pounds! Yet they are totally docile and lovable dogs.

Mom didnt actually realize just how huge these guys were from pictures. It wasnt until they arrived at the breeders, that the size factor really sunk in!

But all is good as their three sons Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, are totally into cuddling with big dogs!

The two giant dogs are fine with the kids playing and snuggling with them.

The father says: “It shows in our photos they are truly lap dogs. They are gentle giants and we can take them anywhere.”

Look at this family!

Check out the video to see more:

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