Updated: 18th March 2018

They Dyed Him Purple And Threw Him As Bait To The Dogs, But His Story Didnt End There.

His name is Smurf. He was beaten and abused, but somehow his spirit prevailed.

The 2-month-old kitten was recently dropped off at a shelter in California.

His fur was dyed purple and he had bite marks, burns and abrasions all over him.

The shelter contacted the Nine Lives Foundation, rather than euthanize the suffering little kitty.

The foundation gladly took Smurf in, and quickly went to work at treating him.

It turns out that Smurf showed all the text book signs of being a bait kitty. That is a kitten that is used as bait for dogs that are being trained for fighting.

All this little guy knew so far in his young life was the violence and fear he was exposed to.

They shaved Smurfs hair, but his skin still remains blue, meaning that garment dye could have been used and it was likely absorbed into the skin.

Thanks to this little guys spirit, he is beginning to come around.

Its being reported that Smurf is indeed making a quick recovery, but his road is still uncertain as hes no doubt gone through a lot of trauma. Hopefully the sick humans responsible will be hunted down and given the harshest punishment absolutely possible.

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