Updated: 24th April 2018

There’s Finally An Answer To How Dogs Would Really Wear Pants (Photos)

Last week, the Internet was confronted with an extremely pressing issue regarding dogs.

Dog pants, to be exact.

Yep, one philosophical Facebook user just wanted to know how the helldogswould wear pants.

Two schools of thought emerged from this puzzling concept: one with dogs wearing pants on all four legs and another with dogs wearing trousers on just their back legs.

People basically lost their sh*t over the canine couture controversy. Sides were chosen, and a debate ensued almost on par with “the dress.”

But thanks to one company, this doggy debate can finally be laid to rest.

According to Muddy Mutts, a Canadian company actually making pants for pups, the proper way for dogs to wear their trousers is on all four legs.Duh!

Take a look at the pictures below to see how dogs wear pants.

Last week, a Facebook userasked the world a simple question: How the f*ck would dogs wear pants?

After much debate, the world now hasthe answer to this puzzling pants question.

Apparently, pups are supposed to wear their pants on all four legs.

Yep, it turns out puppy pants aren’t a new invention.

The Canadian company Muddy Mutts has actually been making dog pants for quite some time…

…and as you can see, dogs do, in fact, wear pants on all four legs.

The dogs look pretty damn adorable in these things, too.

So, there you have it. Now, you can stop bickering with your loved ones over canine couture.

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