Updated: 22nd February 2018

The Difference Between Dogs And Cats

There’s no right way to raise a child. Since the beginning of time, parents have struggled to figure out the best methods for teaching their kids about the world. How to walk, talk and go to the bathroom are just a few of the many learning experiences that parents must go through with their children. In fact, there are so many things we have to learn that it’s easy to forget there was a time when we didn’t know how to do them.

Take going down stairs, for example. It’s hard to imagine when such a simple activity wasn’t second nature to us, but there was a day when we had to learn how to do it just like everyone else. The dog and cat in this video demonstrate two very different ways in which a parent can teach their baby to use the stairs. It’s no secret that dogs and cats are drastically different animals, but it’s never been more obvious than in this moment.

The dog decides to take a slow and nurturing approach. She begins by walking down the stairs herself, then looks back up at her puppy and encourages it to copy her. The puppy is scared, but that doesn’t stop it from reaching its mama down at the bottom. The cat, on the other hand, takes a more … direct approach. While one method might be a little gentler than the other, one thing is certain: they both made it to the bottom.

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