Updated: 25th February 2018

Tennis Match Uses “Ball Dogs” During Tournament

In the world of sports, it’s often the unsung heroes that make all the difference. No Super Bowl winning team could become champions without their offensive line, and even the offensive line couldn’t do it without the help of the equipment staff and trainers that get them ready for every game. You don’t see those people on SportsCenter each day, but they are as much of a key to success as any quarterback or million dollar head coach.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, there’s a new group of unsung heroes that are making a big impact in the local tennis community. During the recent Brasil Open, a group of stray dogs were used as “ball dogs” for the tournament. Their job was to gather loose balls around the court and collect them for future use. The job is usually done by young adults who take their role very seriously, but these dogs were having the time of their life. 

As seen in the video below, these rescued dogs viewed the opportunity as the greatest game of fetch ever played. These dogs deserve it too, after a hard life spent on the streets. Now, they can live a new life serving a very beneficial purpose. We can only hope more tournaments across the world take note and use “ball dogs” for future events. It would certainly make Wimbledon much more exciting.


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