Updated: 17th March 2018

Someone Dyed Their Dog To Look Like Pikachu and It Didnt Go Down Well

This Pokmon business is starting to catch on, it won’t be long until people in the streets start playing a game about it or something.

Or dye their pets, that’s always an option, apparently. A video, posted to Twitter byElihudi Justin Urassa, shows a Pomeranian that has been given a Pikachu makeover.

Dyeing your dogs hair can be harmful. Over 3 million people have now seen the video, and a fair few of them aren’t happy.

A spokesman from Peta told the Metro:

“No one should need to be told that dogs are smart, sensitive animals and not toys. Its often unsafe to dye a dogs hair or that of any other animal, as there can be risks of toxic poisoning or allergic reactions, which can prove fatal.

Fluorescent yellows and bright reds belong on virtual characters, not dogs. Games are games, and dogs are dogs. They should be left alone unless youre throwing them a ball and letting them have fun.”

The poor dog…

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