Updated: 17th February 2018

Out Of Nowhere Her Dog Grabs Her And Tosses Her Across The Room. Then The Family Sees Why

The most recent hero in the news is a black doberman named Khan. He has saved a toddlers life in miraculous fashion. Not only did Khan grab the child with his teeth, but he threw her off to the side. Turns out there was a huge brown poisonous snake in the childs path.

The child is 17-month-old Charlotte Svilicic. She was playing outside in the garden, and her normally friendly dog then started acting aggressive. The dog tried pushing the girl at first. But Charlotte would not budge. Then the Doberman proceeded to grab the girl by the diaper and and literally threw her to the side.

Heres Charlottes mom, Catherine, who didnt know that the dog had these protective instincts:

If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressive towards Charlotte and kept trying to nudge her but it wasnt working, so he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her more than a meter. Naturally Catherine was in shock at her dog doing this. Once she realized what happened, she of course was totally grateful!

I realized quickly it was a snake and Khan had been trying to get in between her and the snake before he threw her, she said. The snake actually ended up striking. And it bit the dog. Khan limped inside the home, then collapsed as the poisonous venom took over.

But an anti-venom shot was administered and he survived! So it turns out that the family had JUST adopted Khan. Hes only been with them for four days! The previous owner had abandoned Khan and he pretty much was left to just die. And yet here he becomes rescued, and ends up saving a life.

Heres the mother again speaking on Khans condition when found: When [Doberling Boarding Kennels owner] Kerry Kinder rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten. He was an abused dog. It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way.

Even though they planned on treating the dog like a king when they first adopted him, naturally now he is going to be getting extra-special royalty treatment!

If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it, the mother said. We owe him for the rest of his life.

All over Australia news outlets have been calling, wanting to run the amazing Khan story. Indeed Khan is a superstar for his incredible bravery.

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