Updated: 19th February 2018

Officer has woman sit in hot car to feel what her dog went through

So here are one of those dog owners who think its alright to leave their dog inside a hot car. This officer comes up with an idea for an epic form of punishment for this dog owner. Have her sit inside the same car and see exactly how miserable it feels!

The woman was returning to her vehicle when she saw the officer give her a ticket. So whats the woman do? She laughs. Its not that hot, she says. The officer pulls out a chart to educate the moron. The chart shows that the inside of the vehicle can get to 114 F in just 10 minutes, when it is 90 F and sunny outside.

So the woman sits in her car waiting for the ticket. Of course, she has her car door open. So the officer comes up with a suggestion. Since it clearly is not that hot as the woman stated, how about she wait for her ticket with the door closed! Makes sense, right? So now what does the woman do? Reports the cop for abusive behavior! Hah! She considers his suggestion abusive, after she just put her dog through massive abuse, locking the poor thing in a car to suffer. What a hypocrite!

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