Updated: 25th April 2018

*NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Is Opening A Hot Dog Shop And It Has The Best Name Ever

It’s gonna be ME(at)- Joey Fatone

I know we still have like six months left in 2016, but this (I PROMISE YOU) is the best tweet you will read all year.

YUP! *NSYNC’s lovable, relatable goofball is opening up a hot dog and Italian ice shop at a mall in Florida this August. Fat One’s is a real Joey-Fatone-pun-based restaurant you can really go to and really eat at.

Why? Because there is a God, and he is a just God.

This is the most oddly satisfying combination of things ofall time. It’s like when that chocolate truck hit that peanut butter truck and createdReese’s (RIP, those two truck drivers… your children and wives miss you).

You’re lying to yourself if you think opening up a hot dog stand in a mall in Florida wasn’t the inevitable conclusion for Joey’s career arch.

Think about it. Joey LOOKS like the face of the concept of hotdogs. He is to meat stuffed intoan edible casewhat Chef Boyardee is to slightly differentmeat stuffed into a slightly different edible case.

Plus, if I hadtold you back in 2000 that one band member from *NSYNC wouldeventually wind up in the frankfurter business, which one would you have chosen?

JC? Pffftttt, that guy looks like the epitome of someone who brings his own veggie burgers to a church barbecue. Plus… Justin is busy.

Joeydished on his shop toDelish.com, saying,

Being from Brooklyn, hot dogs were a staple during my childhood, and we always ate Italian ices to cool off on hot summer nights. Looking forward to bringing a piece of my childhood to Orlando.

Lance Bass was quick to congratulate his fellow *NSYNC alum on his new career choice.

Every other band member has stayed silent on Joey’s new hot dog stand, which really speaks volumes to how they all probably hate each other now and the general lack of camaraderie that plagues the group.

This kind of silence wouldn’t happen with Backstreet Boys. This shit WOULD NOTfly with the BS-Boys. I can tell you with complete certainty if Brian Littrell opened up a gumbocart at a mall in Fresno TOMORROW, AJ and Howie would be there OPENING DAY to buy the first few bowls.

Don’t worry, though, Joey has found solidarity with other people who share a first name with him.

Shine on, you beautiful spicy dove.

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