Updated: 18th March 2018

Man Faceswaps With Corpse During Funeral Before Adding The Dog Filter

We’ve all got at least one terrible person on Snapchat. Someone who snaps their own poo, or their friends crying. You know, that general kind of terribleness – but this guy has officially taken the cake.

When not to Snapchat should probably being taught in school these days, as the lines appear to be getting more and more burred.

Twitter user @0kbps not only took some awful snapchats, he also went on to post them to Twitter – despite there being a corpse involved. They’ve since been taken down.

While at an open casket funeral, presumably for a member of his family or a friend, he decided the appropriate way to mourn the loss would be to whip out his iPhone and try out some Snapchat filters.

And if that wasn’t already awful enough, he proceeded to try out the puppy filter on the deceased man – with the caption ‘Im going to hell’. That you are, sir.

Unsurprisingly people aren’t happy with the snapchatter, and have branded him ‘sick’ and ‘inappropriate’. I can think of a few other choice words for him too.


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