Updated: 17th February 2018

Man Arrested After Locking Teen Daughter In A Cage For Using Snapchat Dog Filter Too Much

Rolando Cruz, a 42-year-old man, admitted to locking his 17-year-old daughter into a dog cage for days.

Apparently he was fed up with his daughters continual use of dog filter pictures of herself on Snapchat. The thinking supposedly was that if she wanted to look like a dog, then she should try living like one. Rolando has since been arrested. Odalys Cruz is the girls grandam. She saw what was happening and describes it here:

My baby girl always calls me to talk about stuff. She comes to my house at least once a week to help me around the house. I figured something was wrong when my son Rolando had not returned any of my calls. I decided to go over to their house to make sure everything was okay and that is when I found my baby locked in a cage in her room.

Turns out not only was she locked up for three days, she was forced to eat Purina dog food. There were newspapers in the cage for her to go the bathroom on, which she apparently did as the whole room stank of human dung.

Heres what the girl had to say about the whole ordeal:

I had come home from Newport Mall with some friends before everything got so crazy. My mom was sitting on the couch crying and my dad was in my bedroom. My told me that she was going to pray for me and the next thing I know, Im in a cage like some kind of dog. I cant believe my parents would do something like this to me over some Snapchat pictures.

It was the arresting officer, NYPD Detective Santiago, that had this to say:

Mr. Cruz explained to me that he found several photos on his daughters Facebook page that made her look like a dog. He asked some friends at his job about what it was and they told him that it was an app that gave the photos the effect.

Mr. Cruz was not happy that his daughter would choose to look like a dog on the internet which prompted him to take extreme measures in an attempt to discipline his daughter.

Even though he was arrested, the father still maintains his discipline was just. Neighbors heard him shouting this out during his arrest:

My daughter wanted to be a dog so I treated her like one!

The girl is now with her grandmother, where she is able to once again use the Snapchat dog filter without fear of ending up in a cage.

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