Updated: 25th February 2018

I Never Knew It Meant Something When Dogs Did This. Did You?

Its hard at times to decipher your dog.

There are those stares. The leg leaning for no apparent reason. And the other mannerisms which have you wondering, what in the world your dog trying to tell you? Well here is an excellent translation guide so that you can once and for all decipher your pooches behavior!

He Brings You Gifts… Because He Thinks You Need Stuff

Youve likely received those dog saliva covered toys that and up right on your lap! Whats up with that? Turns out that your pooch is simply giving you a gift he or she might think you would like! And probably one he wouldnt mind you use to play with him! Clever!

She Takes Over The Bed… Because It’s Time To Snuggle Up!

Weve all had this happen before. The dog jumps on the bed and completely sprawls out. You get on YOUR bed and the dog doesnt even budge! Well they are not trying to take over the bed, they simply just want to be with you. Its more of a need to be with a member of her pack.

He Sits Right On Top Of Your Feet… Ummm, That’s Because You’re HIS

Heres another common one. Your dog plops right down on top of your feet! You suddenly find yourself stuck. You are not going anywhere! It turns out your dog is kind of establishing a sort of ownership towards you. As in they own you! But it could mean that its an act of reassurance that you are still there with them in the house.

She Puts Her Paw Up In The Air… Let The Hunt Begin!

This shows concentration. The dog is planning something, or perhaps getting ready to pounce on something! Either way, better give them space because they could be ready to launch.

He Yawns… Well This Could Mean Any Number Of Things

Sometimes yawning can simply be the result of copying someone else in the room who is also yawning! Other than that, yawning could mean he is tired or bored, hes nervous around other dogs or people, or there is some sort of other anxiety he is experiencing (like going to the vet).

She Trashes Your Couch… Because She’s Bored Or Anxious

Another common, and frustrating occurrence is the classic couch thrashing. This can happen out of separation anxiety if you are away from home. They could also just be bored while you are gone, and this for them is a form of entertainment. If they have this much energy to ravish a couch, then try to give them extra play time, or extend the walks a bit, so they wont feel so inclined to burn off that extra energy on your couch!

He Leans Against Your Legs… Because He Needs Quick Reassurance

Leaning against the leg means that there is a need for reassurance. They want to be close and feel safe. Assured that nothing is going to happen to them. They are also seeking affection by being as close to you as possible.

She Hunches Over… Awww, Poor Little Girl Is Scared!

The hunch over is a basic survival instinct where they try to make themselves small and unnoticeable. Very common in abused animals, and sometimes rescue dogs can exhibit this behavior if theyve suffered in the past. Be patient and gently, give affection and they will feel much better.

He Stares At You… It’s Because He Loves You!

The stares are simply out of love. He wants to stare you down to show how much he loves you. If the stare down happens when you leave the house, then he trusts you will be back.

Dog Talk

These are some of the most common ways dogs will talk to us. Its amazing how much they have to communicate and the clever, and cute, ways they like to get their message across!

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