Updated: 17th March 2018

Homeless Woman Saves Dog, Then Saw The Note That Changed Her Life

Joey was a good natured Pointer mix. Lisa Snyder found him one day. He had been tied to a pole for hours, but finally broke himself free.

Lisa found him and he was very frightened. He was barking at strangers. Lisa was nice to him and what followed is pretty amazing.

It was a three-mile walk for Lisa in order to make sure Joey was going to be alright. Joey would go to a new home, with his forever famliy.

In turn, the city of San Pedro, California did something amazing for Lisa. Heres how Lisa tells it:

“I did what I was supposed to do. And it lead right down the path where it was supposed to go.”

The gift from the community was amazing and the lesson of helping one creature out and then giving help to that person is incredible. Really great story and great example of how many good people there really are out there.

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