Updated: 17th March 2018

Every Day, This Sweet Dog Swims Out To Meet A Friend. Find Out Who It Was At :30, I Was Stunned

While we are seeing more and more different kinds of animals become friends with one another, often those animals are strictly land animals. Of course this makes sense, as they are going to interact with those who exist on the same terrain as they do.

But heres an extremely odd exception! Here we have Ben the Labrador who has become best friends with Dougie the dolphin! Ben likes swimming in the piers of Tory Island in Ireland, where Dougie ends up joining him. The pair have become quite the sight as residents have been amazed at watching the two, which were first spotted hanging out with one another in 2006. These two are so tight that they can swim for up to three hours at a time, several times during the day!

It will usually start out with Ben spotting Dougie and then jumping in to join him. Ben and Dougie (who was named after local celeb Willie Dugan who used to swim with the dolphins) will then amaze tourists on the local ferry as they watch on in amazement! Check this out and share with all of your animal loving friends and family!

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