Updated: 26th April 2018

DONT Let This Happen To Your Dogs Paws This Summer. Try This 5 Second Trick Instead!

Summer is supposed to be a fun time so its important to stay safe and ensure that fun is had! Safety is especially important when it comes to your pets. One important element of safety is the heat. Not as it only relates to the air, but also as it relates to the ground.

An easy rule to remember is that if it is too hot for you to be walking on the cement or sand, then it may be to be too hot for your pet and you will want to take extra precaution.

Pavement or sand surfaces are going to be extra hot no matter what the temp may read in the air. Case in point is this video where a dog owner shows you just how different air heat is and ground heat. It can be 80 in the air but 90 to over 100 on the ground.

These ground temps are not enjoyable for animals, and at 140 degrees, pavement temps can cause permanent damage to dogs paws.

Moon Valley Canine Training devised a trick which will help you figure out just how hot is too hot for your dog. Put the back of your hand to the pavement and keep there for 5 seconds.

You can also moisturize the dogs paws and take walks during parts of the day which are cooler, like the early morning or dusk. Stay in shaded areas and try to walk on grass rather than hot sand or pavement.

Share these important tips with all of your dog loving friends and family!

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