Updated: 17th March 2018

Dad Tries To Save Money On His Dogs Haircut And It Goes Hilariously Wrong

You know when you need to get your haircut but you could have swornyou were in that chair only2 days ago? Your hair’s growing far faster than it has any right to, and it’s only doing it out of spite because it knows you can’t afford to cut it. One of the universe’s cruel jokes.

You’ll have to save money somehow but god knows you’re not going to that haircutting shack underneath the train station. What you’ll need to do is get a solid, low grade all over so it’s take a good few months to grow back completely. That’ll save money!


Well that’s exactly what happened when it came to Josh Pitruzzella’s dad booking a haircutting appointment for their dog, Mimi, and 11-year-old Shih tzu.

Josh Pitruzzella

While they usually shed out$150 (115) for a light trim, MrPitruzzella thought it would make more sense to pay $31 to get an all over shave (leaving the ears and tail).

It’s safe to say that he was only half right…

Naturally twitter was there to lend a shoulder to cry on…

Its ears make it look like Dave Hill from Slade (there’s a pop-culture reference if you’ve ever seen one)

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Josh said this:

I didnt know my dad told the groomer to cut my dogs hair that short, so when I came to pick her up at the groomers I didnt know what to say

Josh Pitruzzella

It wasnt the groomers fault because she was just following orders but I was just speechless when I saw my dog

Mimi loves her hair cut now because she isnt dying of heat in this buffalo weather, so he also wanted to keep her cool!

Well there’s a bright side.

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