Updated: 27th April 2018

Chris Evans Dog Is Too Enthusiastic For The 22 Pushup Challenge

American actor and producer Chris Evans, mostly known for playing Captain America, has joined a host of other celebrities taking part in the ’22 Pushup Challenge’ – a social media trend raisingawareness for those suffering with PTSD.

It involves the individual filming themselves doing 22 pushups, for 22 days, and nominating other to do the same. The number comes from the American statistic of the average number of veterans committing suicide every day.

Chris Evans, nominated by fellow actor JohnKrasinski, made a video with a difference when his adorable dog was determined to have his attention.

Check it out:

Aw. Cute.

He’s not the first celeb to take on the issue, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson also dropped and gave us 22. Though, he’s pretty hench so he probably should have added a zero to the end just to make it fair.

Chris Pratt bucked the trend of having a cute dog in the video and instead opted for his wife.

A video posted by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

And Krasinski’s dog just wasn’t quite adorable enough by his standards:

Kevin Hart, Ludacris and a whole bunch of other celebrities have been nominated so there is more to come. I hate do admit it, but I do kind of hope some of the more unfit people do it – just so I feel less useless for probably not being able to do 22 push ups.

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Lead image: Twitter / Chris Evans

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