Updated: 18th March 2018

A War Veteran Has A Heartwarming Reunion With His Dogs

Science is still researching the unique biological and neurological aspects of our relationship with dogs. It’s a pretty special one as far as nature goes and the more we discover about it, the more fascinating it is. In many ways, we respond to dogs the same way we respond to humans. More than most other animals. Dogs, for their part, treat us very much like a fellow dog as well. Researchers think that a lot of this has to do with the shared evolution and history of dogs and humans. We have, after all, been living alongside them since at least the Ice Age.

When we weren’t helping each other take down woolly mammoths and whatnot, we seem to have spent quite a bit of time keeping each other warm and enjoying each other’s company. We have learned to understand many of the ways dogs communicate with us and vice versa. Dogs can understand our words and the emotion behind them. They can even pick up on our body language and their powerful noses tell them even more about us than most humans know about each other.

So it’s not so crazy that someone could form an intense bond with a dog. Or that a dog could do the same with a person. It’s nature and it’s science. When you see the lengths people went to in this video, you might think it’s a little crazy. But when you see the reaction of the dogs when they see their person getting out of that car … You’ll get it.

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